Monthly Archives: October 2014

How Old Does My Daughter Think I Am?

While looking at the new dinosaur exhibit at our local amusement park, my daughter could not contain her excitement. “Mommy, these dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, like way back in the 1970s!” This, my friends is why some species eat their young. I’d like to say that this is the only time my daughter […]

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Real Cowgirls Wear Red

The summer before I started kindergarten, my mother bought me a cowgirl outfit. A real cowgirl outfit—cowgirl hat, leather skirt and vest, boots with spurs, and two six-shooters slung low on my hips. The best part? Every bit of that wild west ensemble was red—not bright red but deep, menacing red like a sunset before […]

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House Mania

I usually have the market cornered on crazy in my house. I’m the nut and my husband is the calm, rational one who doesn’t talk to inanimate objects at all. He will simply never understand why I talk to basil as I chop it and I will never understand why he doesn’t talk to the […]

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